KNIFE "WHALE HUNTER". Length 27 cm.


Blade Mosaic Damascus, torsion: steel rods and nickel powder. Butt, cutting edge: explosive Damascus. Swedish steel 15N20,15LM. Hardness 59-60HRS.
Master Vlad DanelyukHandle Typesetting: Mosaic Damascus (steel rods, nickel powder), fossil walrus tusk, whale’s fossil bone. Knife: German leather, twisted, mosaic Damascus, silver nails.

Attention! The blades and knives of this master consistently win first places in the knife Championships.

Vlad, a former Russian. For a long time living in Sweden. He studied under the great Swedish master Roger Berg. What naturally left an imprint on his work. Laconic and at the same time perfect forms. A successful combination of unique, rare materials. And of course unsurpassed work with metal. His blades were repeatedly recognized as the best at various knife competitions and competitions. Blades with the Vlad mark can be seen on many knives by great masters of Scandinavia such as T. Lovegren, Johan Gustafsson and even his teacher Roger Berg. Despite the fact that Vlad’s knives are made with expensive materials and represent artistic value, the master ensures that his knives can also be used for their practical purpose, in the most extreme conditions. It is a member of the Blacksmiths Union of Russia. The presented master (Vlad Danelyuk) is one of the three best masters in Sweden

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  • Blade material mosaic damask
  • Handle material fossil walrus tusk