It is noteworthy that the mammoth had only 4 teeth: two at the top and two on the lower jaw. The upper (chewing) part of the tooth is a kind of grater, with which he ground grass, small branches and leaves. Despite its formidable appearance, the mammoth was a herbivore. A mammoth tooth consists of a set of transverse plates that go deep into the jaw. Gradually, the tooth was erased, and in its place a new tooth grew out of these plates. It is believed that the mammoth’s tooth for the entire period of life has changed 6 times. If for some reason the tooth changed faster, the mammoth died without teeth starving to death.

Previously, the mammoth’s tooth was practically not used for bone carving, as it is hard to process and crumble. Today, a mammoth tooth after a certain treatment is widely used by Scandinavian masters of Kneifmeykerov. This can be seen on the author’s handmade knives by Thomas and his son Claes Lofgren (Tomas, Claes Lofgren), exclusive expensive Roger Berg knives (Roger Bergh), the author’s folding knives by Toni Karlsson (Andrei Anderson) (Andre Andersson ).

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