Products made from walrus bone is an elite gift that is made by modern masters of carved art. Such material is used to create high-end products, intended as a gift for people with a high position in society. Souvenirs of this kind are notable for their special beauty, durability and unique color range.

Walrus Fang Characteristics

products made from walrus bone Walrus canine refers to an ancient material that is used in the modern world for souvenirs made by hand. Compositions made from it are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and will decorate any office or hall.

The smooth surface of the walrus tusk is easy to process, so the masters realize their artistic ideas in various souvenirs. These items are characterized by durability and perfectly tolerate the effects of moisture. Thanks to these qualities, they will become family assets and will be inherited from one generation to another.

Walrus tusk souvenirs

The natural appeal of this natural material has been valued since ancient times. Modern walrus canine products are used to create exclusive gifts that are comparable in artistic value to works of art. They often become a gift for a loved one, leader or business partner. Their beauty will emphasize the business interior of the cabinet, the owner’s wonderful taste and his well-being.

If you do not know what to choose as a gift for a birthday or anniversary to a person with a high social status, walrus tusk souvenirs will be a suitable option to solve your problems with finding a present.

Our product range of their walrus tusks

products made from walrus tusk The site of our online store presents a selection of products made from walrus bone executed in various style decisions. The main advantages of such items include:

  • The unique beauty of the material;
  • Such souvenirs are not exposed to negative external influences;
  • The value of the raw materials from which the products are made grows every year.
  • Our workshop will make to order a gift of any complexity;

We have a large selection of various models of objects made by the hands of talented craftsmen. Every visitor to our online store will be captivated by the attractiveness of products and will not be able to resist the purchase. For residents of Moscow and the region, we have a delivery service.

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