Mammoth bone figurines are unique handmade souvenirs that are distinguished by their individual beauty and style. Made by the hands of craftsmen who know how to properly handle such rare material, they are regarded as works of art. Unsurpassed design and attractiveness makes these products a suitable gift for company executives.

Characteristics of products from mammoth tusk

sculptures from mammoth tusk In ancient times, mammoth tusks were used as material for household items, jewelry and figurines. Archaeologists have found objects, perfectly preserved to this day. Today figurines made from mammoth tusk are elite gifts for people who appreciate beauty and originality. The smooth surface, decorated with elaborate carvings, turns them into compact copies of animals, people or fairy-tale characters. Each exact movement of the master helped to realize his fantasy, and as a result we can enjoy the beauty of unique objects. Do not forget that every year such material becomes less, therefore the cost of such souvenirs will increase.

Mammoth tusk products are the best gift

If you set out to find an expensive gift for a manager, a sculpture made from a mammoth tusk bought in our online store will be an excellent option. Today, people appreciate the souvenirs of this material and strive to create a collection of such things. Some people are addicted to collecting animal-related figurines, others prefer images of a person, so the choice is to be guided by the tastes of the future owner of the souvenir. You can choose a thematic option or related to professional activities or hobbies.

Original products from our online store

Mammoth Bone Sculptures Exclusive sculptures made of mammoth bones are unique products offered in our online store catalog. Their main differences include the following:

  • They are made in a single copy by the hands of the Mammoth craftsmen;
  • They are distinguished by their unique beauty and style;
  • For their creation natural tusks and bones of an ancient mammoth were used;
  • The choice is varied, which allows every customer to choose an option that suits his taste.

You can place an order with delivery, and in a day you will have a purchase. We will help you solve the problem with the choice of a gift for guidance.
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