Gifts of Russian Railways (railway) is an exclusive and original souvenir made of natural material. Each product in this category is amazing performance and skillful work of the wizard. Such an elite souvenir will be a wonderful present for an employee of the management team of a transport company.

Why products made of bone and mammoth tusk are highly valued

gift for the railway worker Today, handmade gifts are the most popular, and if they are made of rare material like a bone or a mammoth tusk, then their value automatically increases. Despite the fact that the tusks have lain in the earth for many centuries, they are superior in strength to modern ivory. In the hands of an experienced master, such objects turn into real works of art, possessing a pleasant and inimitable shade, characteristic only for mammoth tusks.

Models of locomotives made from such material can be presented as a gift for a railway worker in honor of a professional holiday or birthday. Fine thread and professional work will impress with its accuracy the most strict connoisseur. Each item attracts the eye, and to choose one option will not be easy, because each of them has a special style.

What an original gift to choose

gifts for the transport company When you choose a gift for the head, there are almost always difficulties. After all, one should take into account the social position of a person and the presence of all that he needs in life. Therefore, everyone wants to pick up an original gift that will suit the future owner.

If you are interested in handicrafts, a steam locomotive made from mammoth tusk will be a wonderful souvenir for an employee of a transport company or a railroad enthusiast. Such models are made of rare material and are miniature copies of famous vehicles. All of them are made in the original and inimitable style, therefore they will become a gift for a person who highly values ​​beauty and individuality. Quite often, such items become the first item in a future extensive collection of vehicle models.

Exclusive gifts from our online store

If you need stylish gifts for a transport (logistics) company, you will find them in our online store. The advantages of our company include the following:

  • Assortment helps to choose a souvenir to your liking;
  • We ourselves are engaged in the creation of models, so we can make a unique product to order
  • Products that are made by hand, have their own energy and give positive thoughts to the owner;
  • Order is delivered within 24 hours in Moscow or in the region;
  • We help with the design of the certificates required when exporting a souvenir abroad;
  • All items are made of natural material, so they are an excellent investment.

The chosen version of the model of transport from tusk and mammoth bones is a very symbolic gift, therefore it is suitable for people of a certain profession or those who are fond of such things, therefore, should be chosen, taking into account such subtleties.

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