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Mammoth tusk decorations Mammoth tusk decorations are exclusive handmade gifts that will help to express respect and love for man. Their harmonious beauty is combined with modern business style or will be a successful addition to an evening dress. Today, such products due to rare fossil material are valued along with precious metals and stones.

Elite handmade jewelry

Necklaces, cameos and other accessories have been fashionable for many centuries. They are characterized by warm soft shades and special energy, which is peculiar to products made by hand. Why it is worth making a purchase in our online store:

  • Mammoth bone jewelery is presented in our catalog in the assortment and is a unique souvenir made in a single copy;
  • Such a gift will be highly appreciated by every woman who is not indifferent to objects of art;
  • We will be able to make products according to your desire, since all products are created by the hands of our craftsmen;
  • If you want to export such a product abroad, we will issue the necessary certificates for customs clearance in three days;
  • If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you have the opportunity to place an order with delivery.

Whatever item you choose, it will certainly become a favorite decoration for every woman.

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