Oleg Vasilyevich, Lipetsk 12.03.2016

Good day to all! I also want to express my gratitude to the creators of this store! You are great fellows. Very quickly respond to requests and promptly deliver the goods. Honestly, it was nice to see that the product received did not have a single defect. Maybe, of course, I was just lucky. Separately, I want to mention your prices. They are more than available.

Victor, Naro-Fominsk 10.03.2016

I want to say that I did not notice anything supernatural or unusual, as they say, in the products of your workshop. Everything is more than usual. Common goods and standard prices. The quality of a mammoth tusk is no different from others. I can not say that this is the best store. Same as everyone else. Absolutely nothing stands out.

Irina, Moscow 10.03.2016

I want to thank you so much for your workshop! Nowadays, you rarely find good stores that care about the quality of their products and customers. You are exactly like that. I ordered you jewelry from mammoth tusk, 3 bracelets and a necklace. So to say the first time and not a very large batch. Very pleased with the speed of delivery, quality of goods, and of course the price. You are very pleasantly surprised. Now I will make all purchases only from you.

Valeria, Kirov 10.03.2016

Hello! It may seem banal, but I really want to thank the creators of this store for such a miracle. I ordered you a mammoth from a tusk for our developing group of boys and girls. The quality is amazing. Parents of our pupils are delighted. I will now be purchased only from you. In addition, you have a very convenient service for delivery. Order comes very quickly. You are for me now one of the best suppliers. Wait for the following orders. Thank you very much.