Master Vlad Danelyuk (Vladic Daniluk) Sweden

Attention! The blades and knives of this master consistently win first places in the knife championships of the Nordic countries

Knife “Siberian Hunter” won first place in the Championship of Sweden, there is a Diploma

The presented master (Vlad Danelyuk) is one of the three best masters in Sweden

Overall length 28 cm

Blade: Mosaic butt Damascus, explosive Damascus (Firecrackerpattern). Special technology. The mosaic is made using pure nickel and steel grade UHB20C. Master Vlad Danelyuk.

Butt: Explosive Damascus. Swedish steel 15N20,15LM. Hardness 59-60HRS.

Middle part: Stars. End damask.

Cutting edge: Explosive Damascus. Swedish steel 15N20,15LM. Hardness 59-60HRS.

Handle: Typing. Wave Damascus (Sweden), mammoth tusk, walrus tusk. Master Vlad Danelyuk.

Sheath: German leather with explosive Damascus details. Silver nails. Master Vlad Danelyuk

2220 $ .
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  • Total length 280 mm
  • Handle material mosaic end damask
  • Handle material wave damask