Legendary Lv 522.


Locomotive LV-522-1 Length 110 cm, height 27 cm, width 25.5 cm More than 500 parts, stand mammoth leg.Material:Tusk of a mammoth.Exact copy.Symbol of the Soviet era.

The monument to the Russian railway engineering. Great vip gift .The legendary LV -522 was the last main locomotive. In the 1950s, 522 units were produced.

The last locomotive series LV successfully operated until the mid 70-ies of the last century. and without having developed the resource. For a long time this locomotive was on the first track of the Kazan station, about 2000 years was overtaken..On your own!!! the famous Moscow-Sortirovochnaya station. It is noteworthy that until the beginning of the 90s in China have successfully operated a steam locomotive QJ a copy of the Soviet LV.

19000 $ .
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