Mace “Viking”


Length 40 cm. Bone carving. Engraving. The weapon of the Chukotka warrior. Styling. In the middle of the 18th century, there were frequent warriors with Koryaks, Kamchadals, Yakuts, Alaskan Eskimos.

In the hands of a skilled warrior, this object was a formidable weapon, the walrus penis, the warrior decorated with symbolic signs and ornaments, as a rule, northern animals, a bear, a wolf, a crow. It seems for the enemy there was little enjoyable to get on the forehead with such a subject.))))

It can be used today as a weapon for self-defense. According to popular belief, a man with this item will remain a man until the end of the years.)). A gift to a man with humor. Gift box. Passport product description.

475 $ .
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