Walrus penis “bonfire”

Walrus penis "bonfire"


…. Just met 2 loneliness. A fire was set up on the road …)) It is 60 cm long. This specimen was broken during its lifetime and the place of breaking was clearly visible on it. We managed to pretty well beat this moment. The morge is the only animal that has a bone penis, as it lives in cold seas and there is not enough blood flow to bring this organ to its working position. The penis is inside the body of the animal and during mating games is pushed out by the muscles. Since love games take place in troubled water, they often break, but grow together in 2-3 days, the place of breaking is almost invisible. We often use the expression “horseradish of the walrus without knowing what it stands for.))

An excellent gift to a “real” man with a sense of humor. According to old Chukot superstitions, a man will remain a man until the end of his days if he has this original souvenir.

1030 $ .
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